Maps Maponyane might look like an athlete, but he’s not, he’s a man of many talents, as we found out on the first episode of Season 3 of The Dan Nicholl Show. On this episode, Maps donated a very special item for display on BrightRock’s #LoveChange Showcase… His underpants! It’s undoubtedly the steamiest gift we’ve received so far.

Maps Maponyane can easily be mistaken for an athlete, especially if you’ve seen the 2013 Cosmo’s Sexiest South African Man calendar. Maps is fit and ripped, that’s for sure but he’s not an athlete and doesn’t intend to “become a Chippendale” either.

If you’re an avid Kaizer Chiefs fan, the name Maponyane will sound familiar to you. Marks Maponyane, father of “Maps”, is an ex-football player and still holds the record for most goals scored for the Kaizer Chiefs. Maps decided not to go the sport route like his father and keeps himself busy with modelling, acting and presenting. His latest big role was in the 2015 film “Tell Me Sweet Something”. There are even some rumours that he is currently dating his co-star, Nomzamo Mbatha, bit they’re keeping us guessing.

Maps did not leave us empty- handed. He left something very…intimate…for us to display on the #LoveChange Showcase. Yes, those infamous orange briefs that he so confidently wore in the 2013 Cosmo calendar are now proudly displayed on our Showcase. He promises that they’ve been washed.