He’s a Xhosa-speaking farm boy from the Western Cape. He’s also a comedian, actor and author. That’s right, it’s the hilarious Nik Rabinowitz.

Nik has been a comedian for about 15 years now, how did it start? Apparently in 2001, in a music venue in Observatory, Cape Town, called “The Armchair Theatre”. His open-mic act as Jabulani Ndlovu, a Zimbabwean who started an airline with the help of some Maltese poodles, might not have had the audience in stitches but it definitely was Nik’s, proverbial, “foot in the door”.

A lesser known fact about Nik, is that he is a good cricket player. Indeed! He won a gold medal in the Jewish Olympics (also known as the Maccabiah Games), an event that he describes as “like the Special Olympics but with more accountants and lawyers”. Jokes aside, it really exists! Well, Nik says so:

Unfortunately Nik couldn’t bring a goat as planned, but luckily we got the next best thing: a poster from one of his first shows, called “uNik’ (careful on the pronunciation there). It has been placed in a spot of honour next to Victor Matfield’s “COSATU-themed” (according to Nik) scrum cap.