Ron Rutland cycled 43 000 kilometres through every country in Africa to attend one of the most legendary matches in Rugby World Cup (RWC) history – the Springboks’ 32-34 loss against Japan at their 2015 RWC opening match in Brighton in England.

Considering that Ron is a die-hard Boks fan, the irony of this feat is the stuff that Alanis Morisette songs are made of, and it rightfully attracted the attention of international news channels like CNN and the BBC.

But what led to his decision to brand himself as The Fat Kid on The Bike and cycle through Africa? He explains to Dan Nicholl in the excerpts below:


Considering all Ron saw and experienced through these 43 000 kilometres, we’re thrilled to have a little piece of him on the BrightRock #LoveChange showcase – the cycling shoes he wore throughout this change-loving journey. Watch him handing over these prized items below: