There are many ways one could describe George Coetzee; a guest on The Dan Nicholl Show, a recreational surfer in Bali, an avid Blue Bulls supporter and…oh yes…a golfing superstar.

It might have been strange to see George sitting on Dan’s coach instead of reeling in the trophies as he usually does. The truth is, George got bored sitting in Pretoria and decided to visit a friend in Bali. Surfing ensued. The result? A broken ankle and missing out on the Nedbank Golf challenge in Sun City. Pop, goes the ankle. Coetzee explains:



It is rather strange to see George off the golf course, but he’ll probably be back on the green in no time. In the meantime, here’s George at the Afrasia Bank Mauritius open, doing what he does best, giving his competitors a run for their money:



George’s gift to the #LoveChange Showcase is one of the few books he’s read. Even though he never finished the book, he believes that “The Right Mind for Golf” (R. Kurensky) helped him change is attitude on the golf course and that it has made a huge difference to his playing.