UFC fighter Garreth “Soldierboy” McLellan might look intimidating with his manly beard and bulging muscles but he’s actually a very down-to-earth person. On episode three of The Dan Nicholl Show, he donated an autographed shirt to the #LoveChange Showcase.

Garreth “Soldierboy” Mclellan, is a 34 year old South African UFC fighter.

How does a guy with the promise of becoming a Cell C Sharks rugby player become an EFC household name? Well, pretty simple. Garreth needed to up his fitness levels in order to play hooker and worked closely with the Sharks’ fitness coach, who was also, incidentally SA’s leading MMA coach- Jason Vorster. Vorster used fighting as fitness training- Garreth was a natural fighter and enjoyed it, the rest, as they say, is history.

Soldierboy is a Durbanite who seems to believe that there’s no place like home; he still supports the Cell C Sharks!

His fighting has made him a globetrotter, but he does not seem too keen on being away from home.

After having him on the show, we know that Soldierboy is a softy but he still looks  scary  (the huge viking beard makes him look even more intimidating). Imagine trying to date his seven year old daughter? Garreth is willing to move his daughter to another school if she or a boy gets any ideas.

The name “Soldierboy” represents the two aspects of his personality: “soldier” refers to his ambitious and dedicated style of fighting, while “boy” shows that he is still playful. Garreth gave us an autographed shirt to be exhibited on our #LoveChange Showcase.