J Something would best be described as Jack of all trades. The latter has admirably proven how possible it is for one to pursue the things that they are passionate about and still be actively involved in the aspects of their lives that require their attention. Not only is he a successful member of a renowned band but also an achieved chef who does what he loves the most. He is also a loving husband and a dad!

Being in the entertainment industry can be so demanding, something that challenges most of the artists. This is one thing that J Something has learnt to manoeuvre his way through. How does J Something manage to attend to all the aspects of his life and make the most out of it? His biography gives some of the highlights that explain how he has had an easy time juggling through his busy lifestyle.


From humble beginnings cooking breakfasts in a small hotel, to one of South Africa’s best known chefs, David Higgs, is known for his love of food, art, wine and a good braai.

A chef, restaurateur and artist, David Higgs feeds off everything in his environment. “A restaurant space almost dictates what ends up on the plate,” says Higgs. A man known to hand pick his lettuce as well as the ceramic plate you will eat it off.


Jaden Hendrikse is a South African professional rugby union player for the Sharks in Super Rugby Unlocked and the Sharks (Currie Cup) in the Currie Cup. His regular position is scrum-half.

Hendrikse was named in the Sharks squad for the Super Rugby Unlocked competition. He made his debut for the Sharks in Round 3 of the 2020 Currie Cup Premier Division against the Blue Bulls.



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