One studio guest who made the second episode of The Dan Nicholl Show particularly … beautiful, was Miss South Africa 2015, Liesl Laurie.

Ten days after being crowned Miss South Africa, Liesl appeared on the show to talk about her Eldorado Park-roots and one of the coolest things (so far) about being the most beautiful woman in Mzansi. Here’s what she had to say:

Liesl_POSTEDBut this post is not about Liesl’s ever-increasing following on her personal and official Twitter handles and what being on Dan’s show could mean for this.

It’s about what Liesl decided to donate to The Dan Nicholl Show to display on BrightRock’s #LoveChange Showcase*: Her Miss South Africa sash!

After last week’s mishap with MasterChef judge Pete Goffe-Wood’s donation, Dan seemed rather eager to try it on, though. We’ll share a video clip of this soon, but here’s a pic of Dan sporting the sash.

Who wore it better? Dan, or Liesl?

We’d definitely opt for Liesl! Clinching this coveted crown is a life-altering Change FullSizeRenderMoment, and we wish Liesl all the best for the year ahead. #LoveChange

And Dan: We hope you put that sash back where it belongs – which definitely is not over your shoulder (no offence).

* Every week, a guest on The Dan Nicholl Show donates an item for display on the #LoveChange Showcase, which is a collection of memories and Change Moments. These items tie into BrightRock’s and the Change Exchange’s #LoveChange philosophy. BrightRock are the official sponsors of the show. Remember to tune in on SuperSport 1 every Wednesday at 20:30 to see Dan interviewing his Bright and Beautiful guests. And we’ll of course also be sharing some more highlights here on the Change Exchange.